FX Treasure is an augmented reality (AR) reward and advertising program created by the partnership between FXMedia and TQR Token. Augmented reality can be a powerful tool for increasing user engagement by offering an immersive experience. 

Businesses in the hospitality industry could use this program to create an alternate advertising space for their corporate partners. This program can be implemented in various locations that have a high volume of users, such as hotels, gyms, resorts, and restaurants. Advertisers can also launch this program by posting a QR code at any location, creating a virtual space for user engagement.

How Does It Work?

For User

  1. Scan a QR code to run a web based AR program (or access it directly from the web browser if the URL is known).
  2. The AR program senses the location and brings up the virtual object where the user can interact with and earn a reward without any registration or install any app.
  3. User follows the instruction on mobile phone screen after earning the reward to proceed to redeem the reward.

For Advertiser

  1. Choose the locations (latitude, longitude, radius) where you want to show the AR objects.
  2. Select the AR objects from library or provide your own (.glb format, 3MB size limit).
  3. Provide the optional reward event earn and redemption web URLs.

General AR Reward Demo

This demo shows AR layers on top of several TQR reward programs:



AR Passport Reward Demo

This demo illustrates how a restaurant group with more than 20 brands can use their network of restaurants to boost the visibility and sales of their Japanese brands.

AR demo: https://crg-demo.demo.tqrtoken.com





S$ 99.00 for 3 months
  • Objective: For trial or small business with infrequent usage.
  • 1. Select up to 2 AR objects from the standard library.
  • 2. Configure up to 2 Reward Events.
  • 3. Limit to 5 locations.
  • *Usage Fee: $0.10 per “click”

SME Plan

S$ 250.00 for 6 months
  • Objective: For small and medium-size businesses.
  • 1. Select up to 5 AR objects from the standard library.
  • 2. Configure up to 5 Reward Events.
  • 3. Limit to 15 locations.
  • *Usage Fee: $0.10 per “click”



Contact us for all plans during our soft launch period.

1) Standard Setup

  1. Configure a list of locations (including the radius of each location) for the AR object(s). Select AR objects from a standard library or customer can provide the 3D object (.glb format, 3MB size)
  2. To enable auto rotation for AR object cost $50 per object.
  3. Create one or more Token (reward) events and their respective attributes (refer to Campaign Guide)

2) Custom Setup

  1. AR objects – Custom AR object design where the fee is determined by FXMedia
  2. Custom workflow for earning and redeeming rewards (this is typically not required).