Central Restaurants Group Brands Promotion

You have just redeemed your reward. In addition to claiming reward from each of the brand, if you redeem rewards from all the brands, you can claim a grand prize.  Click on this link to see your journey toward the grand prize: Passport Reward Result. It will look like this where two of the rewards have been redeemed.

The real time report (only available to the Central Restaurants Group account admin) tracks every transactions, showing that the customer ID ending 1387 has earned 5 rewards and redeemed from Chabuton and Shinkanzen Sushi restaurants. Note that real time report of the EARN and BURN history can be used to reconcile against restaurants' backend discount log to prevent "discount abuse" by restaurant staff. 

How does it work?

TQR web application stored a 13-digit key (an Anonymous ID) on your mobile phone's browser. The server tracks the reward tokens earn using this ID. To claim the reward, TQR app checks and subtracts the tokens from your account. No user sign-up, personal ID or app download is needed. 

TQR's reward program can instantly connect with any user and complement any reward program.

The reward Campaign and Events are very easy to setup and update as often as needed.

Key benefits for F&B enterprises:

  1. Engage all walk-in customers to increase sales and conversion to loyal customers.
  2. Expand data analytics beyond loyalty members.